Hon. Dr. Deshmane A. K.

Principal At Bhagwant Institute of Technology

(M.E. Ph. D)

Warm Greetings from Bhagwant Institute of Technology.

It is with immense pride, that I introduce you to an entirely new approach of learning in our college. An approach, where traditional methods of learning go hand in hand with modern learning techniques, keeping with the current trends and technology. We facilitate our students to excel academically and to develop their personalities in diverse fields. To this end, we have complemented academics with other developmental activities such as performing arts, sports, hobbies and technical clubs, to name a few.

Each student is encouraged to explore their areas of interest and to develop their talent to the maximum. Our teaching staff is dedicated and knowledgeable in their subjects. They have a passion to pass on this enthusiasm to each student and to inculcate in them the spirit of curiosity and learning. Attention is given to each student to focus on their strengths and to develop confidence. This would stand them in good stead, once student graduates from our college, to encounter life’s problems on their own We at Bhagwant Institute of Technology, strive to cultivate students who are not only successful in their personal and professional fields, but who take upon themselves the challenge to fetch science and technology to the doorsteps of the common man and to propel India as the leader in the emerging technologies We welcome you to our college to interact with our staff. After your visit to our campus, you will feel assured about the excellent infrastructure we have developed. This will enable you to choose the best for your child. We believe that you are coming here with many dreams, we will help you to bring these into reality.